Have you thought about creating Energy from Waste?

With landfill avoidance and sustainability at the forefront, we proudly produce a viable fuel source for facilities who use our products to heat and electrify residential and commercial properties throughout the Midwest.

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”

-Fred Rogers-

Where do industrial waste waters go?

ES Group takes a variety of industrial waste and leachate waters into our Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) facility.  We protect our local waterways, treating and polishing wastewater prior to reintroduction into the natural system through Great Lakes Water Authority.  

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.”

-Thomas Fuller-

Does oil have a life after it’s initial intended use?

Our proprietary and time-proven process allows us to recover and recycle oil for a variety of second life uses.  This not only contributes to a reduction in fossil fuel extraction, but also a robust economy where system residuals containing oil are treated and reintroduced to the market for consumption.

The greatest asset, even in this country, is not oil and gas.  It’s integrity.  Everyone is searching for it, asking: “Who can I do business with that I can trust?”

-George Foreman-

Is there a solution to ensure my waste and system residuals are safe for disposal?

ES Group is a premier disposal facility offering a fully permitted Solid Waste Processing (SWP) operation.  We have decades of experience taking waste from all industries which is not suitable for landfill disposal and stabilizing it to ensure it can be safely and properly landfilled. 

“A nation that destroys it’s soil, destroys itself.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt-

Welcome to ES Group


Our leadership has over 100 years of combined experience in the processing  and disposal of non-hazardous waste with a focus on landfill avoidance and sustainability.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing excellent service and partnerships; working closely with large governmental agencies, multiple industrial sectors including tier I automotive manufacturers and suppliers, regional and national waste brokers, as well as other disposal facilities.  We welcome you to visit our campus and talk with our consultants about how we can work together to meet your processing and disposal needs.



ES Group leads the industry in waste reduction, recycling, and disposal of non-hazardous materials. 

Our core value of environmental stewardship creates products which are safe for disposal and beneficial to our planet.  We will always take great care of all people in the work we do,  considering deeply the positive impact our work can have on the health and safety of our community.  We are dynamic, and will continually improve our systems and facilities with a focus on limiting the impact industry has on our water, land, and air resources.

Who we are


We are a premier, fully integrated non-hazardous processing and disposal facility located in Dearborn, Michigan.  We are experts in multiple disciplines including Energy from Waste,  Waste Water Treatment, Solids Treatment, and Oil Recycling.  Our ten acre campus is home to a tank farm with over 10 million gallons of storage capacity for larger projects, as well as product storage.  

Using an excellent and streamlined compliance program, we accept waste in all formats; bulk tankers, vac, and roll-off boxes, and a wide array of containerized waste.  All material coming in to our facility is properly profiled before acceptance, and continually sampled and analyzed to ensure our compliance goals are met.

In addition to our processing capabilities, we also offer full service transportation of materials via vac truck, vac tanker, roll off boxes, and jumbos.  

When you bring your business to ES Group, you gain a long term partner in the industry. We will help you meet your sustainability goals, and will ensure your material is handled utilizing best environmental practices, with safety and compliance at the forefront.

ES Group Services

Energy From Waste


ES Group can effectively achieve all of your landfill avoidance and Energy from Waste goals.  We are fully permitted to create solid fuel blends which are optimal for boilers built to handle our products.  We accept Energy from Waste materials in all types and forms, solid, liquid, bulk and containerized.

Our Energy from Waste program is the only one of it’s kind in Southeastern Michigan.  We offer acceptance, dewatering, processing, and end user transportation services, as well as certificates stating your waste was used to create energy.  Energy from Waste is a crucial next step in protecting the future of our planet.  We are committed to work with all companies to make landfill avoidance a viable solution to handling waste and system residuals.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced consultants about this exciting and necessary program.

Waste Water Treatment


At ES group, dewatering contributes to our waste reduction goals as a company. We offer a full service CWT with multiple offloading locations for efficiency. Our permit allows us to accept and treat a variety of oily and organic wastewater. Our experienced group of operators and consultants work closely with our partners and customers to ensure their wastewater is being treated to the highest environmental and compliance standards.

Unique to us

Our fully integrated facility gives us the ability to handle wastewater containing high solids, as well as properly treat solids which come from cleaning waste water. This ensures your water is properly treated and solids disposed of in a compliant manner under the regulations of the Part 115 permit.

Oil Recycling


Our Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) Facility is capable of recovering and recycling oil in large and small quantities. This oil, after treatment, becomes a viable product for the recycled oil market with a variety of different uses including lube stock, burning fuel, and base oil.

Oil will not go bad if properly disposed of and treated; it can be used again and again. We are committed to handling our non renewable resources with respect, and we understand the importance and value of reclaiming and recycling. We work closely with some of Michigan’s largest oil recyclers and are always researching and developing new ways in which we can better serve and sustain the recycled oil market.

Stabilization Services


Ensuring your non-hazardous waste and system residuals are disposed of in a compliant manner should be at the forefront of all companies’ Environmental Health and Safety Programs; ES Group offers this assurance and security to our customers and partners.

Our team is qualified and trained to stabilize a variety of non-hazardous sludges, metal bearing waters, alcohol distillates, catch basin waste, and dusty material. We accept material in multiple formats for disposal, including bulk tanker, vac box, roll off, drums and totes.

We operate under the strict parameters of Michigan’s Part 115 Permit, and utilize the expertise of our seasoned management and operators to ensure the material we send out of our facility meets the Class C ground cover standards as laid out by the MDEQ for land application at landfills. 

ES Group Campus

Our campus is an example of what industrial processing can be in the 21st Century.  We offer a certified scale for accuracy, multiple treatment facilities with multiple offloading locations, and an office building built for energy efficiency and collaboration.  Our Ten Million Gallon Tank Farm is the largest in the Midwest and can be utilized for large scale processing projects as well as product storage.  Winding through our entire 10 Acre Campus is our commitment to co-existence with nature through the development of natural habitats. Our pollinator gardens and retention ponds are home to multiple forms of wildlife, including bees, butterflies, geese, ducks, frogs, and fox to name a few.  Being Surrounded by nature is a constant reminder of the resources we aim to protect through our work.

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